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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that replaces the legal system. Mediation is a process in which parties meet under the supervision and direction of a mediator to resolve a dispute. 


Mediation is preferred for some people because it keeps parties out of court and helps them resolve their disputes amicably. If meditation was fruitless, then parties may elect to resort to the legal system and file a petition with the court to resolve their dispute. 


Mediation is less expensive, less hostile, less time

consuming, parties are allowed to talk to each other and

hear each other’s perspectives, and they can choose their

own terms and solutions. 


Mediators are neutral and don’t take sides. So, you will

talk to someone who has no interest in the resolution of

your dispute and has no interest in taking sides. 


Parties to a dispute worry that mediation may lead to

unfavorable outcomes. Mediators don’t draft an agreement unless all parties to a dispute agree and are satisfied with the solutions. 


If, after mediation, parties can’t agree, no agreement will be drafted and enforced. Parties may elect another alternative dispute resolution method or may choose to go to court. 

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