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People immigrate for different

reasons including finding better

opportunities, seeking employment,

hoping for a better life, escaping

violence, and many more reasons. 


In the process of immigrating, family

members are separated, and family

unity is affected. 


It would have been nice if anyone could just pack their bags, hop on the plane, and travel to be reunited with their loved ones anytime they want. But that’s not how it works. Petitioners for an immigrant visa must meet specific requirements to immigrate and be reunited with their family members. They must follow the law and ensure they meet each and every requirement. 


There are several aspects that would impede immigration such as criminal records, moral turpitude, financial issues, and more. 


In our office, we only handle family-based petitions. But we have a huge network of experienced attorneys who handle deportation, students visa, employment visas, business venture visas, etc. 

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